Financing Above Ground Pools

Posted on 16 Sep 2013 By Brandon Perry
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` Some of our customers are unsure when they call us if we can finance these above ground pools. The price point on these types of pools is often much lower than a traditional inground pool and we can absolutely finance above ground pools. We will finance these pools even if you have fair or bad credit in many cases. We specialize in all types of pool financing including inground pools types including concrete pools and fiberglass pools as well as all types of above ground pools. Wait until you see how low your payment can be when financing an above ground pool. Happy swimming!
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Financing Above Ground Pools

Brandon Perry is the Founder and President of AMS Financial Solutions, Inc a consumer finance company serving the home improvement, swimming pool, medical & Dental, Travel and Wedding industries since 2004. AMS partners with thousands of service providers in these verticals to offer a variety of financing programs to their customers. You can find Brandon on Google+ , Twitter , LinkedIn and Facebook . Brandon is an industry expert on consumer finance and has been featured on these topics in many industry trade journals, forums and round tables. Brandon Perry

Posted on 16 Sep 2013 by Brandon Perry

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