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Swimming Pool Safety is paramount and should not be overlooked

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In a swimming pool is a great way to spend a hot summer day. A pool should be a place where a kid can be a kid and adults can let their stress just melt away. But before one gets into the pool, there are a few rules that everyone should follow. Following basic safety rules for a swimming pool will allow everyone to get the most out of their pool time.

Never, under any circumstances, leave a child unattended while they are in the pool. Even if it is just to run inside for a second to grab the phone or a drink. If the pool is being used by many at a social function, have one person be on watch at all times. This person is not allowed to be a part of conversations, as they can get sidetracked and stop watching the children. A set of eyes should be on children at all times. Never allow a child to be in the pool area by themselves for no reason. Make it clear to children that an adults must be with them at all times. A good rule of thumb to establish is if a child is under the age of 5 years old, an adult must be within arms length of them at all times. When it it time to leave the pool area, remove all toys and games from the area so a child is not attracted to this area.

Make sure that an adult that knows CPR is in the pool area when it is being used. It is a great idea to have all adults and caretakers learn CPR if there is a home pool. Keep CPR instructions posted in the pool area for those that do not know how to perform it. Keep a list of emergency numbers handy as well.

Never rely just on flotation devices for anyone that can not swim the best. These are a great way to keep swimmers safe but they are not fool proof. Regard flotation devices as toys and not safety equipment. Have children take swimming lessons. But note that swimming lessons are just an extra safety measure and adult supervision is still required at all times.

Always have a phone nearby. Have a cell phone handy or bring out a land line cordless phone. Rescue equipment should also be nearby. Keep a life preserver available at all times hanging close to the pool. A Shepard’s hook may also hang on the fence for quick rescuing. Never allow shallow end diving in a pool. Make it clear where the boundaries are to be diving in at.

Install a pool rope that divides the pool from the shallow end to the deep end. Let children know the areas of the pool that they are permitted to swim in.

Keep the pool surrounded by a fence that is at least 4 feet high. Lock the gate at all times that the pool is not in use. Install an alarm to set off when the gate is opened unless a key code is punched in first. Keep all furniture away from the fence to discourage children from climbing onto the furniture and over the fence.

If the homeowner does not wish to have an alarm installed, keep the pool covered with a power safety cover. A safe pool safety cover should withstand the weight of 2 adults and a child.

Tell children they are not allowed to run or goof around near the pool.

Keep signs posted. There are various signs a homeowner can post for pool safety. The first one is the rules. Make sure that everyone who enters the pool knows the rules well so play time in the pool can be safe. Also post signs that state where diving is not permitted, where dangerous chemicals are stored, and where the emergency shut off switch is located if there is one. If children can not read, purchase signs that have pictures on them as well and go over the signs on a regular basis.

If the home has an above ground pool, make sure that the ladder is secured and locked. When the pool is not in use, the ladder should be removed.

Pools can bring much enjoyment to families. They are a great source of entertainment and add a vacation feel to the home every day of the year. If everyone in the household and those who use the pool know all the safety rules, everyone is guaranteed to have a much better time swimming and frolicking in the pool.

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