AMS Financial Solutions, Inc, Consumer Finance & Loan Companies, Charleston, SC



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    Mark W.- Stockton, CA

    We love our new pool and we love AMS financial for making the financing so easy to research, apply and get the money. Our pool contractor was so helpful when they recommended AMS Financial and we probably would not have gotten the pool without their help. Mark W.- Stockton, CA...

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    Carrie W. – Fremont, CA

    We searched extensively on and offline for the best financing for our window and siding project including our local bank and credit union. At the end of the day, AMS financial had the most options, the best rates and terms and a very easy process. We will certainly use AMS again if we ever need more home improvement financing. Carrie W. - Fremont, CA...

  • Garrett A.- Kensington, MD
    Garrett A.- Kensington, MD

    AMS made things so simple for me when I needed to purchase my new Walk -in Tub. I searched all of the options available to me, applied for the 0% credit card program , was approved in seconds and had my funds in less than a week. Thanks AMS for such a fast and hassle free process. Garrett A.- Kensington, MD...

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    Scott H.- Charleston, SC

    My AC contractor recommended we use AMS financial when my Air Conditioner needed to be replaced. I am so glad that we did because the process was really fast and you cannot beat the 0% terms that we received. Much thanks AMS. Scott H.- Charleston, SC...