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A wonderful way to update the look and feel of a pool is to add a pool deck, some fencing, or do some landscaping around the pool area. This will not only add beauty to the pool area, but also give more value to a home. A homeowner can add many features to each one of these, creating an oasis for the home. Any time is a great time to finance for a deck, fencing around the pool, or landscaping.

Swimming pool decks make a wonderful addition to the pool. There are many different types of materials that may be used for a deck. Some homeowners love the look of concrete, while others pick brick. Wood, ceramic, or stone may also be used. Some like the look of vinyl, aluminum, or masonry, and while these are great choices, they are not used as much.

Concrete decks make a good choice for inground pools, as they are very durable. If concrete is used, the homeowner must decide fully what they wish for, as once the concrete is installed, it is there for good. The concrete may also have color added to it when mixed to create a fully customized look.

Wooden decks make wonderful decks for an above ground pool. Wood decks can be customized with the pool, and offer a much more affordable choice than concrete since an above ground pool will use a good amount of materials on the deck itself. An elegant look to the pool may be created when using the right type of wood.

For an above ground pool, one must decide if they want a full or partial deck. For above ground pools, there are three basic types. A full surround deck goes all the way around the pool. With this type of deck, it is easier to clean the pool since all areas of the pool will be accessible.

A partial surround deck only covers part of the pool. These types of decks are great if space is limited in the yard or if there is an object that is in the way to install a full deck.

A platform deck only covers a small amount of ground. This is used if the homeowner only wants a space to get into and out of the pool. Entry and exit to the pool are safe, but there is little room for anything else on this sort of deck.

Why create a deck? A deck is a great place to add furniture so those not swimming can be in the pool area, relaxing as well. A deck will make your pool space more useable as well, because more entertaining can take place by the pool instead of having to move to a different area of the home. One of the best benefits of all is that the pool itself will be kept cleaner since the deck will eliminate much of the dirt and debris that will enter the pool.

A fence added around the pool can be installed to keep the pool off limits for children. It can also keep pets out of the pool area. There are many types of fences that one can install. Before installing a fence, the homeowner should weigh each fencing’s pros and cons and see what fence is ideal for them based on the situation that they are in. Mesh fences are great because they are strong and durable, and can not be climbed. They are easy to install and can be taken down very easily if the homeowner ever wants it removed.

A vinyl pool fence may be installed if the homeowner wants a fence that comes in a variety of colors and has no maintenance. A glass pool fence has a very elegant feel to it, yet are safe and durable, and maintain the outdoor pool feel. An aluminum pool fence will last for years to come, and adds a true beauty to the home. There is little to no maintenance on this kind of fence and often comes in many designs, making it easy for the homeowner to customize the look of the pool area. A wrought iron fence will add sheer elegance to the area, and will last an entire lifetime or more. A chain link fence may also be used. It is very low in cost but keep in mind that these sort of fences are very easy to climb.

Once a deck or fence have been added to the pool, it is time to think about landscaping in and around the pool area. There are many wonderful ideas that can be incorporated into this. Many soft colored flowers can be planted to give a gorgeous oasis look to the pool. Tropical flowers may be planted around the pool, such as a Day Lilly, Birds of Paradise, or Hibiscus. Heavenly Bamboo makes a great addition to the pool area since it can also act as a screen. Many have chosen trees, such as Queen Palms, to make the pool a place of beauty. A hammock may be placed on the deck for rest and relaxation. Rocks can be added around the pool area to give a natural feel to it. A homeowner can decorate with small garden stones and statues as well, and mulch may be added around the pool. Make sure if mulch is used that there is a distance between the pool and the mulch used so if the wind blows, the mulch is not blown directly into the pool. A buffer of some sort may need to be used.
Decks, fences, and landscaping can add a lot of appeal to the pool area. Any of these three, or a combination of them, will delight the homeowner in making the pool seem more like a friendly paradise that will be visited quite often.


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