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A wonderful way to add something special to the home is by installing a jacuzzi. A jacuzzi is a hydro jet bathtub. The brand name is jacuzzi, since it was developed by brothers bearing the last name of Jacuzzi. Since then, the name has stuck, and many hot tubs are called jacuzzis. A jacuzzi is a perfect addition to the deck or pool area and can easily be financed to have an oasis of your dreams.

One of the main reasons many individuals will get a jacuzzi is for pain relief. A jacuzzi can relieve many types of pain, since hydrotherapy is used. Hot water is used to massage the body to relieve physical pain in many people. Hydrotherapy has been known to open blood vessels for better circulation of the blood. It can also relax the soft tissues that are surrounding the joints. People with arthritis have been known to have tremendous luck in sitting in a jacuzzi daily to help ease the daily burden that even walking can bring them.

Jacuzzis are also great at healing and preventing an injury. Athletes will find that they can improve their workouts if they soak in a jacuzzi before working out. Before working out, an individual can soak to loosen muscles and fully relax the body, making exercise easier to do and more productive. After a workout, a person can enjoy a soak while the muscles repair themselves. Stiffness will be greatly diminished after a long soak in the hot water.

A jacuzzi can really transform the look of a backyard. One does not even need concrete poured to have a jacuzzi. Just invest in a spa pad and lay that down where it is wished for the jacuzzi to be and place the jacuzzi directly over the top of it.

Installing a jacuzzi into your backyard can make it seem like you are on vacation all year long. The yard and space around the jacuzzi can be transformed to look like a paradise. With the use of potted flowers, decorations, and other accessories, a jacuzzi can become one’s sanity center. Spa steps may be added to make getting into and out of the jacuzzi easier and they can be coordinated with the color of the jacuzzi itself. Matching planters can be bought to either use with lush greens or they may be used for storage. Tropical trees, such as Queen Palms, can be planted around the jacuzzi to give the look and feel of a tropical paradise.

A spa caddy may be placed on the side of the jacuzzi to hold towels and beverages. A stereo system may also be added to the jacuzzi and may even come with a floating remote control to allow one to control the volume of the stereo without ever getting out of the jacuzzi.

Colored bulbs may be purchased for the underwater lamps. These come in many colors and look great at night when the jacuzzi is all lit up.

Maintaining a jacuzzi is fairly simple. Everyday the chlorine levels should be checked to make sure that they are between 3-5mg/l(ppm). Test the PH levels to ensure that they are between 7.2 and 7.6. These two steps will only take a minute to do. Every week the jacuzzi should be shocked, and the filter should be cleaned. Hot tub scale remover should be added once a month if there is hard water. And once every two months, the water should be completely drained, and refilled. The jacuzzi cover should be scrubbed with a mixture of chlorine and water. Every 6 months to a year the hot tub filter should be replaced.

Jacuzzis are a great way to unwind, offer a way to relax the muscles both before and after workouts, and help to heal those in pain. They are easy to take care of, and can provide the home with the look of paradise. They can be used at any time of the year, many say that the best time to use a jacuzzi is in the winter, watching the snow glisten on the ground. Jacuzzis are the perfect way to be the envy of everyone around you, so why not add this luxury to your home today?

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