Swimming Pool Loans

There are many different kinds of pool types that a homeowner may wish to finance with a loan. Swimming pools add value to a home, both with the resale value of the home and value within your own family. A swimming pool can give hours of entertainment to a family. Installing a swimming pool in the home, either inside or out, can add thousands to the resale value of a home. Many real estate agents state that a home with a pool will bring in 5 to 10% more than if the home did not have a pool.

An above ground pool will add appeal to a home. An added benefit is that with an above the ground pool, when installed, there will be no tearing up of the yard. And many do not realize that their taxes often are not effected with above ground pools, since if the homeowner decides to sell the property, they may take the pool with them as it can be moved. These pools come in various sizes and shapes, making it very easy to find one that fits almost any yard. They can be assembled as a do it yourself project, and are the most economical for those that wish to have a pool. If the homeowner decides to leave the pool with the home, the resale value of the home could be raised a bit.

Inground pools often make the resale value of a home jump. Inground pools comes in a variety of styles, thus making them easy to incorporate into a landscaping design. Many extras can be added to an inground pool, such as a water slide or fountain, to enhance the pool area. There are many pool options to go with if one decides an inground pool is right for them.

A fiberglass pool will make an excellent choice for many consumers since the pool is made and installed in one piece. Fiberglass pools are usually more pricey than any other pool, but the investment in them is worth it. Not as many pool chemicals are needed with this type of pool, making the maintenance on it much cheaper. It has strength as well, and are less likely to crack than a concrete pool. These pools are great to use in earthquake prone areas. And they can be designed with tiles to create any pattern, making them a great way to spruce up the backyard.

A vinyl pool may be considered if a consumer resides in an area that gets chilly. The vinyl lined pool will need to be drained once the weather gets chilly, and then covered until it gets nice out again. The vinyl pool liners do need to be replaced from time to time. Many styles and patterns are available with vinyl lined pools, and they can often be installed by the consumer. The purpose of a vinyl lined pool is to reduce the amount of concrete a swimmer is exposed to as well as help prevent leaks in the pool itself.

A family could consider a gunite pool or a concrete pool to add some appeal to the home. These pools can be shaped however the homeowner wishes for them to be. These pools are made out of concrete, and then painted if the homeowner wishes or a material of their choice is used to finish it out. One of these pools adds a great resale value of the home since there is not much maintenance or repair to the pool. Gunite pools add appeal to a landscape since fountains, waterfalls, steps, and other special features can be added. Tiles may also be added with this type of pool to further customize it.

A pool deck is essential if an above ground pool is installed in a home. A deck will add curb appeal to any home as it is a way to make a retreat within your pool. The best thing about a deck is that it hides much of the terrain that may otherwise be a problem when a pool is installed. Decks can be multilevel, creating more outdoor spaces and rooms.

Pool restoration can be done as a do it yourself project to save money. Restoring a pool can bring it back to the original beauty, and add more value to the home. Added benefits of pool restoration are that there may be less chemicals to use in the pool, as well as fewer incidents of scraped toes and knees. And many times restoring a pool will allow one to discontinue the use of harsh chemicals to clean it with.

Any type of pool can be added to a home to set landscaping off and add beauty and value to a home. A yard can easily be transformed into a lush paradise with some simple home improvement techniques.

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