Diving boards, slides and water feature loans

Diving boards, slides and other water features add a fun element to the pool area. They make the pool more valuable, and water features can really jazz up the area. There are many different kinds of each that an individual with a pool can pick from. Right now is a great time to consider taking out a loan for any one of these, or a combination of them. They will make the pool more enjoyable for everyone.

A diving board can be added to a pool for hours of entertainment. Imagine watching the kids cannon ball into the pool, or jumping in on a hot summers day. Diving boards are easy to maintain. They should be checked over on a regular basis to check for cracks. The surface of the board should also be checked to make sure that the non-slip surface is still intact. If there is heavy wear and tear on the board, this surface may need to be fixed with a do it yourself resurfacing kit.
There are two kinds of diving boards that a pool owner can pick from, the spring diving board and a simple platform. It is a personal choice for the homeowner as each are great additions to the pool. The simple platform will have no spring to it, while the spring diving board does.

Diving boards can be made out of wood or aluminum. Wood boards are coated in fiberglass, which will make it water resistant. The wood is what makes the board flexible. An aluminum board is a piece of aluminum that has been painted. Often times the paint has crushed glass or sand added to it to add some traction.

A slide can give the family hours of entertainment. There are many kinds of slides that can be added to the pool area. A standard water slide is mounted to the deck and is made from aluminum or acrylic. They have a ladder attached to them and usually have one open flume. They can be straight or curvy. They come in a variety of shapes and colors, and become slick with a built in water system.

A customized water slide lets the pool owner pick if they wish to have a closed water slide or an open one. They come in a variety of colors as well. The pool owner will decide how many twists and turns the slide has, how steep the incline should be, and weather or not there are any straight ways for added speed.

There are many water features that can be added to a pool to customize the pool for the entire family. Consider adding a jump rock to the diving board to add a unique feel. A jump rock will give a natural appearance to the pool area, and hold the diving board. They are easy to install and add value to the pool.

Waterfalls make a great addition to a pool because they are soothing to hear and look fabulous. They truly add a vacation feel to an ordinary pool. There are many kinds of waterfalls that can be added to the pool. A pool owner can have a one that comes in many speeds. Water may just trickle down or come down at full force depending on what they wish to have. They look wonderful when they are hiding a grotto as well. For an added special touch to the waterfall, use a fiberfall, one that is lit up to add sheer elegance to the pool.

A spill over hot tub or spa will add something more to the pool area. Imagine sitting in the hot tub relaxing while the children are in the pool. The pool owner can be right there watching the children, yet at the same time be taking care of themselves.

Fountains add a great touch to the pool. They can be placed right inside the pool, so children can play around them, or they can be placed on the sides of the pool so they emit water over the top of the pool. Both add sheer elegance and beauty to a pool.

Adding a diving board, slide or water features to the pool area can transform a dull lifeless pool into one that will give the family something to look forward to swimming in. They add value to the home, as well as a beauty that is unmatched by anything else.


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